The Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Other Products

Comprehensive computer software can be extremely intimidating for beginners. The amount of buttons, menus, tools, and settings can be overwhelming. Because of this, people tend to believe that the only way to learn how to utilize and navigate comprehensive computer software is through formal training in a class, webinar or learning from someone more experienced than them. But what if there were multiple ways to learn how to use a software program, such as Adobe Photoshop, from your home for free and at your own pace? That’s what we’re here to go over today.

Adobe Photoshop
This computer software program is a household name amongst those who work in the graphics design field, work with video editing, or just enjoy making funny memes or changing photos. Learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop will not require formal training or an expensive class. There are many step-by-step websites in existence dedicated to teaching novices of the software its basic functions. This tutorial from Mashable not only gives you a numbered list of steps to take as a beginner to edit photos, it also provides you with images of toolbars and menus with arrows and circles to show you what everything means, what everything does, where the tools are located, and what will happen to your photo when the tools are selected. It encourages learning by reading the steps then committing them to memory by carrying out the steps in the actual software.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth tutorial on all of the basic and advanced functions of Adobe Photoshop, there is a free course available on YouTube that can be found here. The tutorial is broken down into several videos.

Adobe Dreamweaver
Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur looking to build your brand by launching your own website. After all, creating your own website is a critical stepping stone in promoting your business. Or maybe you’re looking to become a professional web designer and build web pages for other people or businesses. If you plan on making either of these into your career then Adobe Dreamweaver will be the strongest business partner you could ask for.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful computer software program designed to help you build a fully functional and intricate website from the ground up. Because Adobe Dreamweaver works with such complicated and advanced languages and tools, it is crucial to obtain accurate training with the program that will also be able to be understood by a novice. Here you will find a comprehensive text-based tutorial on how to get started building your own website using Adobe Dreamweaver. There are multiple chapters to this tutorial because there is a lot to learn. If you would prefer to learn from watching someone physically make a website and listen to them teaching you a basic tutorial, you can click here to a YouTube video that gives a great Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial for beginners.

Although I’ve only covered two Adobe programs here, there are many more Adobe products on the market to learn about. There are free guides to be found online. Keep in mind that because Adobe programs are so advanced and comprehensive, the tutorials can be extensive. A list of free downloadable guides can be found here. Have fun on your beginner’s journey through the Adobe family of products.

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